How to Enable Hotspot in Jio Phone? Find here!

Hi friends, are you trying to enable jio phone Wi-Fi hotspot? Do you want to share your jio internet using a Wi-Fi hotspot? Then you are in the correct place. Yes, this is a jio blog that provides all solutions and Guides recording jio applications. Are you using jio Sim? Then you must know about the features of jio applications. Jio launches many applications based on telecommunication and entertainment like jioTV, jio cinema, and jio security.

Reliance jio officially launched jio phone in 2017. It provides lots of features and very user-friendly. Jio Phone has a unique recharge feature. You can enjoy all the jio features if you are a jio sim user. If you have jio phone then you can make an unlimited voice call and internet data.
Hotspot in Jio Phone
Hotspot in Jio Phone
Are you jio phone user and want to share your internet with your friends and family? Then you need to enable Wi-Fi hotspot on your jio phone. Unfortunately, jio phone never supports to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot you can use jio internet connection only if you have a jio sim. But most of the users are trying to enable jio phone Wi-Fi hotspot. But still, jio never releases and updates to enable Wi-Fi hotspot settings in jio phone. Here we provide step by step procedures to enable jio Wi-Fi hotspot and share your internet connection with your friends and family. Keep reading this complete tutorial to enable jio phone hotspot.

Enabling jio phone hotspot:

There is no option of enabling Wi-Fi hotspot on jio phone. After updating the jio phone with the latest software the features should be available on the internet sharing tab. Jio phone Wi-Fi Hotspot setting is under testing and there are no new updates being rolled out from the official announcement.
If you want to enable hotspot on your jio phone then Go to settings => internet and sharing option under the network => click connectivity menu.

  • Now you will find the Wi-Fi hotspot sharing option.
  • This option is turned off by default.
  • Just tap on the Wi-Fi hotspot option and enable turn on.
Enable Jio Phone Hotspot
Enable Jio Phone Hotspot
  • Now you will able to set a password and username for your security purpose.
  • You can also rename the network in the same panel.
  • Once you have done this all, it will able to notice the Wi-Fi hotspot icon on the top of the screen.
  • Now you can able to share your internet with your smartphone and PC.

Note: Jio phone Wi-Fi hotspot feature is under testing. There is no official update rolled out to jio phone.

How to enable hotspot using the hotspot app?

If you want to enable jio phone Wi-Fi hotspot then you need some third party application to install it on your jio phone. This application is not officially available in jio. So installing this application is at your own risk. But there is no issue recording this method.

  • Download JG hotspot application which helps to enable jio Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • If you want to install this application you need to root your jio phone by installing the Omni SD application.
Jio Phone Hotspot
Jio Phone Hotspot
  • Once you install this application then you can run third-party apps on your jio phone.
  • After completing the installation process you can download JGhotspot to enable jio phone wi-Fi.
  • You can enable jio phone Hotspot to share your internet with your friends and family.

How to share jio phone hotspot to PC?

If you want to share your jio Wi-Fi hotspot to PC then you need to follow these below steps.

  • At first, open your jio phone and turn on an internet connection.
  • Now connect your jio phone to PC using a USB cable.
  • Once you connect you can use the internet of jio phone on your laptop.
  • Now you can share your jio phone internet to PC.
  • This method is very simple to share jio phone internet to other devices like PC.
  • If you want to direct method to enable jio phone hotspot then you need to wait for the official announcement from jio phone.

If you have any queries regarding this article any doubts to enable hotspot in jio phone leave the comment in the comment box given below. We provide the best solution for your queries as soon as possible.

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